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This free online video tutorial in English on YouTube was started in late 2011 and it's ever growing collection of Java video tutorials. It's always a work in progress. I focus on tips and tricks with Eclipse and other sweet stuff you won't find in traditional books. Most tutorials are tips and tricks with an exception of Spring web application tutorial, which is focused on how to make a modern web application from scratch. I hope you will enjoy my work.

Java basics tutorial (00:57:16)
Java basics tutorial for beginners. From installation of JDK to programming console applications in Eclipse IDE.
Eclipse basics tutorial (00:42:14)
Video tutorial how to effectively use Eclipse IDE for programming Java applications.
Java logging tutorial (00:24:11)
Video tutorial how to log effectively in Java using Log4j, SLF4J and Eclipse IDE.
JUnit tutorial (00:32:04)
How to test Java applications using JUnit and Eclipse IDE. Test driven development (TDD) in practice.
How to work with files in Java tutorial (00:27:51)
How to open a stream, save data to a file and read data from a file in Java.
Java & XML tutorial (00:32:25)
XML binding in Java using JAXB. Using DOM and SAX. Reading and saving data to XML file in Java.
Java & database access (01:08:03)
Accessing database in Java using JDBC - Java DataBase Connectivity and JPA - Java Persistence API (Hibernate, Eclipselink, Toplink)
Apache Tomcat (00:41:49)
What is Apache Tomcat, how to use it and integrate with Eclipse
Apache Maven (00:53:40)
How to use Apache Maven to easily manage dependencies and build your applications.
Spring web application tutorial (java blogs aggregator) (05:14:24)
How to create a web application (Java Blogs Aggregator) from scratch. From nothing to an application up and running on a custom domain.
JSF & PrimeFaces & Spring Tutorial (website monitoring) (01:16:25)
How to create JSF & PrimeFaces web application
Java Misc (00:14:05)
Miscellaneous Java videos