Eclipse Juno first look part 1

Eclipse Juno has been released. This is a first look on Quick Access to perspectives, views and commands in menus.

Eclipse Juno has been released! It runs now on Eclipse 4.2 so under the hood there has been some major changes. This will no doubdt result in plugins incompatibility, although officially everything should work because Eclipse SDK 4.2 is upwards binary compatible with previous version 3.8.

Anyways, you should check if plugins you use work. If not, you will be probably stuck with Indigo for a while.

Now for some new features. This is a first look, so it is by no means full set of new features in Eclipse Juno.

The first one you have already seen is a new look.

Next is a Quick Access for quick access to perspectives, views and commands in menus.

Switching perspectives is much more easier than before. If you open a new perspective, a button for this perspective will stay visible. You can hide it if you right click on it and select "close".