Eclipse Juno first look part 2

Another cool features of Eclipse Juno with plugin Code Recommenders: How to install and use this new plugin.

Another new features in Eclipse Juno include:

You can drag & drop a window outside of Eclipse. This is useful if you have more screens.

Next improvement is in changing window size. If you wanted to change two windows at once, you had to first change the first one and next the second one. Now you can do it easily at one time.

And now the most important change. You can install plugin Code Recommenders. Just goto Help -> Install new software, select "Juno -" and search for Code Recommenders. Next Install this plugin and restart your Eclipse. I already done that and now I will show you what it does.

In your content assist window it preferes methods that are relevant for the task at hand. For example I have just created a frame. Now I want to create a panel, add inside a button and put a panel to a frame.

I will create a button. Content assist recommends me to set text. Now I will create a panel. Content assist recommends me to set layout. Next it recommends me to add a component.

I will put panel to a frame and I'm done.