How to run Eclipse with selected vm

How to run Eclipse with selected Java runtime (eclipse.ini vm argument).

How to run Eclipse with selected Java runtime (eclipse.ini vm argument)

Eclipse startup is controlled by the options in eclipse.ini file. It is a text file containing command-line options that are added to the command line used when Eclipse is started up. There are many options. Now I will show you how to use "-vm" option, which defines under which Java runtime will be Eclipse started.

If you want to modify eclipse.ini file, you must be aware of the following:

  1. Each option and each argument to an option must be on its own line.
  2. All lines after -vmargs are passed as arguments to the JVM, so all arguments and options for Eclipse must be specified before -vmargs (just like when you use arguments on the command-line).

So before line with "-vmargs" add line "-vm" and after that add line with absolute path to javaw.exe. Now when you start Eclipse, it will be started using this runtime.